Saturday, July 9, 2011

Annie and Jason's wedding at Golden Horseshoe Inn!






  1. This venue is quite interesting. But I think it will only hold a few people. But if you're rooting for a simple wedding exclusive for a few friends and family then this venue should do. But I think over all the moments are the most important in a wedding. Congratulations to the couple.

    Much Love, Minerva Dee

  2. Great photos and great scenes. Looks so serene and peaceful for such a happy weeding. Great looking couple.

    -Hayley Ulrich

  3. That couple looks great because we can see the sweetness in their eyes. I love the wedding ring photo because we can also see the bride happy and contented in it.

    -Freya Yates

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  5. The wedding coordinator was awesome and made sure everything was done right. All the servers and bartenders in this place were extremely attentive.
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